Individual and Group Study Room Reservations

A single individual can checkout a key for rooms: 256-A, 256-D, 257-A, 257-D, 258-A, 258-D, 258-G, 258-J, 336-A, 336-D, 342-A, 342-F, 345-A, 345-D, 346-B, 346-F, 346-J, 351-A, 351-F, 352-A, 352-D, 356-A, 356-D, 357-A, 357-D, 358-A, 358-D, 358-G, and 358-J. These rooms will accommodate one person and should have access to the UAB WiFi.

Groups of two or more with a valid UAB ID may checkout rooms: 135a, 135b, 144a, 144b, 144c, 168a, 168b, 287, 343c, 343d, 382, and 387. These study rooms can accommodate up to six to eight people and should provide access to the UAB WiFi, glass boards, markers, and erasers (group rooms on 2nd and 3rd floors have chalkboards in lieu of glassboards).

These rooms may be checked out with a valid UAB ID at the OneDesk.

Study Carrels

The Library has a limited number of short-term study carrels available throughout the building. Study carrels may be checked out with a valid UAB identification card at the OneDesk. Use of study carrels is limited to one person at a time.

Short-Term Study Carrels

Current UAB students, faculty, staff, and active alumni who are seeking a place for intensive short-term study may use carrels. Carrels may be checked out for a period of three hours and renewed once. Overdue fines will be charged at five cents a minute which is three dollars ($3) per hour. Short-term study carrels cannot be reserved in advance. Short-term study carrels may be checked out with a valid UAB ID at the OneDesk.

Long-Term Study Carrels

Long-term carrels are available to current UAB faculty, graduate students, and students with disabilities. Due to limited availability, all carrel assignments are checked out by term on a semester-by-semester basis. Overdue fines will be charged at a rate of ten dollars ($10) per day. A completed Library Carrel Application form is required to check out a long-term carrel. This form may be picked up in person at the OneDesk, or it may be printed.

Meeting Room - Sterne SL 174

The Sterne Library has a meeting space available for use by others on campus. Because library-related instruction peaks at the beginning of each semester, use of SL 174 is reserved for library use and library-sponsored instruction only between 8 a.m. and 6 p.m. during the months of September-November and January-March. Learn more about reserving SL 174.

View the Sterne Library room policies.